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Archive for June, 2013


Going somewhere

Not sure if anyone is reading this or not but if you are

Here is what I am up to…

And my spot tracker is here.

All my writing is being done there.


Today’s idiot on the road

Today was a hard choice. There were several and I narrowed it down to two finalist on the way home. The first was the guy reading his mail on the steering wheel. The second finalist and winner was the guy eating something out of a bowl in his lap with a fork.


Getting closer.

Did a test pack of the bike… All of the gear for the trip fits with plenty of room. 8 days and counting till we throw a leg over the bike…

I have just a few things left to show up from the brown truck of joy and I will be ready to roll.

Have to change out the chain, sprockets, and tires which are at my riding buddies house and the bike will be ready to go.


Test post from the iPad

With pictures…


Last time I tried it the picture was badly mangled by the iPad app.


This time it looks good to go…


Time is running short

Well I am looking at just a week and a half before the big trip is a go.

Getting all of the little things nailed down now. ¬†Got to change the oil in the bike, and the chain and sprockets also…

All kinds of antsy now…