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Got my ass handed to me last night at darts…  Wednesday night is league night and this is my first season playing in a league since 2006.  I am on a team in the B Division.  I was about that level when I stopped playing in 06.  Now I am still getting back up to speed so maybe a high C level.  So needless to say I am bringing up the rear on my team.

Well after feeling pretty down last night after getting home I decided to take a look at the opposite team stats this morning.  Seems I was playing against their best shooters, so I don’t feel so bad now.  I did manage to make it close but made a tactical error and I should have know better.  Col. Mark beat it into my head, but my head is hard.

Kind of sucks for me, but you play the hand you are dealt.  I feel sorry for their worst player who got stuck playing against our best player, hopefully he can take it with the same grain of salt I did…

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