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Why do I bother?

Had a debate with a friend on facecock today.

This is a person who always posts liberal talking point crap. Usually I just blow by them and ignore them. Today I had to comment on his drivel. Like a typical liberal he could not stay on topic and constantly had to throw some other liberal talking point out there once his argument was debunked.

Then he throws out the line that he is an independent. RIGHT….. He is so in the tank for our socialist president that is is not funny. After my fourth response I just decided why bother. Just another reason that I am trying to ween myself off of facecock.

If I was not stuck in Oman during Ramadan I doubt that I would have wasted the hour debating with this person. In fact I just deleted my last response because I was just wasting my time…

Not sure why I bother, except I won’t be silenced…


It used to be…

That you wondered what Obama was lying to you about…

Now you wonder what he isn’t lying about, because everywhere you turn there is yet another story about what he is lying about now…

November won’t come too soon…


The “one”

As if this turd of a socialist president did not stink enough already.

Now he has decided that he is going to put in another dig against the military.

Yes the Ohio law gives the military 3 extra days of time to vote early. The Warriors that provide our country the freedoms we all enjoy. So what?

The military has commitments that the rest of us don’t have. They just can’t skip out early to go vote like the rest of us. They may be in some hot nasty forsaken place doing the hard things that the rest of can’t be bothered with.

And so the one and the democrats have decided that they don’t like the military in Ohio getting a bit more latitude or “Special treatment”. They must be very very desperate.

Simply despicable.

Hopefully this will stick in the craw of Americans as much as “you didn’t build this”.