Now that the air has cleared a bit on the recent mass shooting by a crazy nutbag in Colorado, I have been thinking a lot about gun free zones.

Aurora would be a gun free zone if not for the 2003 Colorado law that took local gun regulations out of the hands of the local municipalities.  Though that law does not stop business from banning firearms on their premises.

CineMark is definitely a company that has decided to ban firearms on its premises.

Now Colorado has roughly 5.1 million citizens and roughly 130,000 concealed carry permits have been issued since 2003, So my new math brings that to around 1 in 39 people have a carry permit.

So the average theater has roughly 150ish seats depending on size, which means that we are looking at probably 2-3 people that statistically could have been carry permit holders in that theater.

How long is it going to take for some lawyer to come up with one of those people (or family of a victim, heaven forbid) that had a permit but were not able to carry due to the theater policy?

By disarming their customers have they taken on the responsibility to protect them?

What are the chances of CineMark still existing as a going concern once they loose a lawsuit based on the fact that they failed to protect their customers?


One thought on “Responsibility…”

  1. My cousin and I were just discussing this on Thanksgiving Day and how just one person carrying in that theater might have changed the outcome.

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