Let’s play hide the Minority

I find it to be highly amusing that the lame stream media is playing hide the minority/female speaker.  Every time I have flipped to the GOP convention coverage on FoxNews and seen a black/female/minority speaker, I also quickly flip to the alphabet networks and only see talking heads telling me how bad the conservatives are going to be for the middle class…

I think that the lame stream media still thinks that the average Joe still gets their whole world view from them.  Those days have long passed.  The head has been chopped off, it’s just the body that is still twitching…

Poor AbcNbcCbsCnnMsnbc already dead and don’t know it…

If for some reason the body does get up and start shambling around, well we have ammo designed just for that sort of thing.

And then it Rains

Well last night we had a frog strangler come out of nowhere.

We got home just in time to catch the flooding in the basement.  Fortunately we caught it before much water came in through the basement stairwell.  We had that bailed out in a few minutes and 15 minutes with a mop or two and the basement was right as rain.

I guess the next project for me is a permanent cover for the stairwell.  It has to move out of the way so the stairwell is accessible.  I have been spending a long time thinking about the cover.  When my father shows up in a week or so he and I will sketch out some drawings and have at it…

The other joy of rain around here is that if it rains more than a slight drizzle you can forget about the commute.  It rained at 7am and I just hung it up, as my iPhone showed nothing but red traffic around the beltway.  By 9:40 things were looking up and it only took me around an hour to go the 60 miles to the office.

Taking care of your customers

It has been a rough month or so for me as far as monitors and glass goes.

I broke my LCD screen and the glass on my work issued Mac Book Pro in Sydney (2009 unibody) and then I broke my month old iPad 3 glass in Oman.

Now the Mac Book Pro is a bit old and the warranty had run out so I just went third party on the repair of it.  But the iPad was brand spanking new, so a trip to my local Apple Store was in order.

While I was at it I decided to have them look at my work iPhone which was a couple of months old and the camera flash was not working (it was a refurb).

So I got in the store  and was instantly seen by an employee in the back who sat me down and we went over the options, he also had another guy grab my iPhone for a trip to the back room.  Since I neglected to get the apple care plus for the iPad it was going to cost me to get the iPad repaired, and I knew this going in.  As it is a brand new model the spare parts for it were 150 dollars plus my labor to install them, Apple would give me a new unit for $250.  For me that was a no brainer as my labor time to replace the glass would have exceeded the extra $100 above the cost of the parts, plus that did not include the bent back case.

The guy came out 20 minutes later and had replaced the camera module in the phone and it was as good as new and free of charge.  So inside of 30 minutes I left the store a happy customer, new iPad and a Fixed iPhone.

And Apple has kept making me a happy customer for over 30 years.  There were some dark days back in the late 90s where I sat at my desk and despaired that windows 98 was as good as it was going to get, as John Scully was running Apple into the ground…  Then there was the second comming of Steve and he brought back the ideal that the user experience is the ends, and technology was just the means.  Its why I keep buying Apple products.  My personal laptop is now 6 years old and still works well but is showing its age.  It was a top of the line 17 inch MacBook Pro in its day.

I am a bit sad that the 17 inch Mac Book Pro is no more, as I really appreciate the extra screen real-estate, but the new Retina 15 inch is going to have to make due.  I think I am going to go “Full Retard” on this one as my Macs generally see 5 years of service at a minimum so the big cost up front though painful is spread over ~6 years of use so in the end it is not bad.  Oh and I will get the apple care plus for this bit of Tech…

Need a new grill

Well we have needed a new grill for a while now and I have been procrastinating on getting one.

We had this old webber with an awesome cast iron cooking surface.  It is almost 15 years old now.  I replaced the burners once, the regulator and hoses twice (once because the government obsoleted my really cool quick connect, damm nannies) but after the regulator it was never the same.  Now it is finally time to to get a new one.

As much as I like the big green egg I am just not a charcoal junky.  I just do not have the time and energy to prepare it, get it lit, then clean out the ashes on a regular basis.  So for me it is going to be a gas grill…

Anyone out there seen one they really like for under a grand???

I am looking at the webber Genesis E-330 as the standard.


9… Really… 9?

So in order to kill one bad guy the two police officers had to shoot 16 times and wound 9 other people???

Maybe the SSA should transfer those 174,000 rounds of hollow point to the NYPD because those boys need some fundamental firearms accuracy training.

Yea Yea I know the stress of the moment…  But really, what happened to knowing your target and what is behind it.

Something tells me these guys need to spend some time shooting IDPA or something similar…


I can’t seem to,catch a break as far as holidays are concerned… First I was on Oman during Ramadan. Now I get another forced holiday as the “Assumption of Marry” is a national holiday here.

Fortunately this time the holiday is only a day so the setback won’t be too bad.


Went to the range yesterday for the firs time in around a year.  Just realized I work way to much and play way to little.  Well I have been doing a lot on the motorcycle…

Now for the heartbreak…  I can’t see the front sight on my 1911…  I shot exactly 12 rounds before giving up in disgust.  I did however run 250 rounds through the new toy.

It seems that dedicated shooting glasses are going to be a must here very shortly.  Getting old sucks…

Made it to Amsterdam

Departure from the muscat international airport was a bit hectic. Our stopover in Doha was 45 minutes longer than it should have been. Somehow we still made it to Amsterdam 20 minuts early.  Sitting in my gate waiting for my flight back to Detroit. Hopefully there will be no snags in Detroit this time.

I really hate flying on Airbus airplanes. The AC sucks and you don’t have vents for fresh air…  Nothing like being on the verge of sweating for 7 hours.