Time for something new.

When I started this blog back in 2002 it was just personal ramblings. It quickly morphed into a gun blog with with a bunch of gun politics. It was contentious times with the sunset of the AWB coming up in 2004 so I was writing my thoughts on the expiration of the ban and all of the Hoplophobes doing their damnedest to extend that ban.

Not to mention that I was still bitter about not being able to get standard capacity mags for my HundK (Because you suck, And we hate you) USP in .45acp (it was released in .45 just months after the ban was enacted and I was stuck with neutered 10 round mags). And because they hated us so much it took me until 2006 to find a standard capacity magazine for the USP. I still love that gun since it is like having it hard wired into my optic nerve, what I see I can hit dead center every time.

It stayed a gun/politics blog up until I ran out of steam in 2010 or so, and lost all motivation to write anything. It stayed up and I puttered around with a post every blue moon or so, basically a waste of a good dream host account…

So here it is 2012 and ten year later, and I actually feel like writing again. I have been at it for a week now and am trying to get out a post at least 6 days a week. Give me a month and check back with me on that… But this time I will be branching out a bit further than guns and politics, though those two topics will still be heavily influential in my postings.

I will also be posting a lot about Motorcycles and my upcoming big trip (Wait for it). And if the worst president in history gets reelected it will also feature posts about going Galt…

So, see you tomorrow. Or sooner if you are lucky, or not lucky depending on your bent…

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