Need a new grill

Well we have needed a new grill for a while now and I have been procrastinating on getting one.

We had this old webber with an awesome cast iron cooking surface.  It is almost 15 years old now.  I replaced the burners once, the regulator and hoses twice (once because the government obsoleted my really cool quick connect, damm nannies) but after the regulator it was never the same.  Now it is finally time to to get a new one.

As much as I like the big green egg I am just not a charcoal junky.  I just do not have the time and energy to prepare it, get it lit, then clean out the ashes on a regular basis.  So for me it is going to be a gas grill…

Anyone out there seen one they really like for under a grand???

I am looking at the webber Genesis E-330 as the standard.


2 thoughts on “Need a new grill”

  1. Since we are limited by the Fire Marshall to 1lb Coleman cans on the balcony, we use a small Weber “Q”-series. We have two actually, one for meat and one for veggies. The cast-iron grilling surface it the tits! 🙂

    1. I always liked the Q-series… Would be a nice truck camping stove.

      One more stupid Kalifornia rule… 1 pound Coleman cans. Probably would not last an entire DocShanos chicken session.

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