And then it Rains

Well last night we had a frog strangler come out of nowhere.

We got home just in time to catch the flooding in the basement.  Fortunately we caught it before much water came in through the basement stairwell.  We had that bailed out in a few minutes and 15 minutes with a mop or two and the basement was right as rain.

I guess the next project for me is a permanent cover for the stairwell.  It has to move out of the way so the stairwell is accessible.  I have been spending a long time thinking about the cover.  When my father shows up in a week or so he and I will sketch out some drawings and have at it…

The other joy of rain around here is that if it rains more than a slight drizzle you can forget about the commute.  It rained at 7am and I just hung it up, as my iPhone showed nothing but red traffic around the beltway.  By 9:40 things were looking up and it only took me around an hour to go the 60 miles to the office.

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