The “one”

As if this turd of a socialist president did not stink enough already.

Now he has decided that he is going to put in another dig against the military.

Yes the Ohio law gives the military 3 extra days of time to vote early. The Warriors that provide our country the freedoms we all enjoy. So what?

The military has commitments that the rest of us don’t have. They just can’t skip out early to go vote like the rest of us. They may be in some hot nasty forsaken place doing the hard things that the rest of can’t be bothered with.

And so the one and the democrats have decided that they don’t like the military in Ohio getting a bit more latitude or “Special treatment”. They must be very very desperate.

Simply despicable.

Hopefully this will stick in the craw of Americans as much as “you didn’t build this”.

Missing parts

Get to the job site today, unpack, do the inventory, and everything looks good.

Go through the software and upgrade packages only to discover that there are no security dongles.

Now we are well and truly screwed. It’s Saturday back at the office. I send out the obligatory “oh crap” emails, try and make some phone calls but no one is answering…

So even if they find the security dongles on Monday it will be three days at least to get them here.

And who knows if they will be able to find the dongles…

Crap. Crap. Crap.

Oh, and it’s still Ramadan.

The Spam it cometh

Well I have been back and actively blogging for less than a week, and the spammers have discovered my site already.

I do like the Akismet plugin and have given them a donation. 35 spams in 24 hours and I have only had to address one of them personally. That seems to be a pretty gook kill rate to me…

And thanks for the comment Tam. You win the prize for the first comment.

MD concealed carry update

Well, it seems that the appellate court gave Maryland it’s requested stay which means that there will be no permits issued on the 8th of August.

I was not holding my breath in any way shape or form on that one, been in this crooked state way to long to fall for the Charlie brown football move.

The bright side is that the appeal has been fast tracked for October.

So maybe two months from now I can join the free people in the other 98% of the country.

How did I miss the Cowboy?

Somehow in the first round of my blogroll links I missed putting Cowboy Blob in the list.

That has now been rectified, though I am not sure how I neglected to add Chippy’s personal videographer to my list the first time.

Cowboy Blob is also the only gun blogger that I have on my Facebook friends list…  God I wasted a lot of time on Facebook…

Airlines: how your trip goes to hell…

So I was looking at a a 20+ hour day of air travel.  Well due to all kinds of goodness it went to +60 plus hours of travel time and a stay at a Best Western in the suburbs of Detroit…

It starts like this…

Get to the airport and arrive at the gate and my 4:40 takeoff time has been pushed to 5:08 due to no equipment (airline jargon for the AIRPLANE).

Equipment arrives at the gate at 4:50.

The people have to deplane, then they “Clean” and resupply the airplane, by this time it is 5:10.

Then the elderly and handicapped board, followed by First Class and those frequent fliers (me).

Then the fun begins.  You see an inordinate amount of people have decided that they HAVE to carry all of their stuff with them.  Hence they have an oversized roll aboard  and an oversized laptop roll aboard.  Now these people have decided that they need the overhead space that is usually assigned for 3 seats for just their two items.  These people are known as douchebags. Don’t try and defend yourself douchebag, I can fit in 5 days worth of clothes and my sundries in a roll aboard that actually fits in the sizer, even then I check it half the time.

So due to the douchebags it is now 5:45 and we finally back away from the gate.  Well the next hurdle is thunderstorm that is over Pittsburgh. So we now spend another 30 minutes on the tarmac waiting for them to let us take off.  By this time I am thoroughly hosed as my connecting flight to Amsterdam takes off at 7:10

So here I sit in a hotel in a shady suburb of Detroit doing a blog post while my clothes are in the washer..