More trip stuff, The New Bike.

When last we spoke of “Big Trip 2013” we were discussing bikes.  I guess it is time I let the cat out of the bag.  After a year of weighing the pros and cons of various bikes for our Trans America Trail trip I finally decided on mine. As she rolled out of the back of my Redneck Corvette.


Yes I went Team Orange…

I got a 2012 KTM 690.  Or  course I could not leave it stock.  There are a few things from the factory that just have to be tweaked as it is “Ready to Race”.  I did not even start the bike before I removed the factory exhaust which has been known to melt the gas tank due to the integrated catalytic converter that makes it generate almost as much heat as a nuclear reactor.  So shortly it looked like this.


I got rid of the plastic hand guards, crappy shift lever, crapy chain guard, put on a real skid plate, FMF exhaust, and a whole host of little things.  But the thing that really bugged me was the crappy headlight and fairing.  I really want a Rally Raid fairing setup but am not liking the $1,300 price tag.  So after a bunch of hunting around I decided to go for the Britannia Composites adventure fairing


I think that is enough details for now.  I had to go through a lot to make the front blinkers fit on the bike and they are not shown in the above photo at the moment because they were not mounted yet..  More on wiring and getting it ready for adventuring later.

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