Reloader Reloaded

My reloader is running on 18 years old, it is a dillon 650 with all the trimmings.  It has loaded many a thousand rounds in it’s day.  I swapped it over from .40 back to .45 and while I was at it I tore down the whole lower half.

After 18 years it is no longer running as smooth as it had once done.  I cleaned an lubricated all of the parts in hope that it would run a bit smother than it has been.

I then proceeded to load up 700 or so rounds of .45 it did fairly well, but there were a couple of times that the action would tighten up for no reason that I could discern.  It would loosen back up in a stroke or so and be fine for a hundred rounds or so and do it again.

I will do another run of 700 or so .45 LSWC in the next day or so and see how things go.  But it may be time to send it home to mommy for a tuneup.

But in the mean time I will have 2000 rounds of .45 to shoot up.

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