Dog issues

Well our old Politically Incorrect Dog had to go to the doggy tooth doc this morning.  He is going to loose one of his lower fangs.  He has tumors in his gums which require us to take him to the Dog Dentist every few years to have the tumors trimmed down and away from his teeth.

This time we had a runaway tumor that we did not see until just last week. It was bad enough that they are taking the tooth and a bit of bone.  Hopefully they will get the whole tumor.

He is 9 so hopefully this will make his last few years as pleasant as possible.

Off to the Ravens game tonight

Our friend scored his brother’s season tickets for the Ravens home opener.  We went to the very first game at the ravens stadium many years ago but we had not been since.

Our friends brother just did not want to deal with the hassles of opening night so my friend took the seats.

I am so looking forward to this as Football is about the only sport that I actively watch so seeing the home team play in person is cool.

The cover is all done

Dad and I finished the cover yesterday.

I can also attest to the fact that HardiBoard tastes terriable.  Cutting the stuff is a pain in the rear and takes a lot more effort even with a sharp saw blade.

But we are done except for a few trim pieces that need to be attached, but for now no more water in the basement stairwell…