Test Fail

Well I picked up a nice set of Klim riding gear for our trip next year.  Today was the first day that it looked like a good day to ride into work in the rain.

Only a little rain on the way into the office, so I did not notice my impending fail for the trip home.

Well I left the office a bit early for the trip home as the weather got really bad in the afternoon.  I was able to make it 3/4 the way home before the heavens opened up.  Heavy rain was what I was looking for, the hail was just a bonus.

Well the gear held up very nicely but the I FAILED to zip up the pit vents so when I got home both sides of me were soaked.

The pants were perfect with no water anywhere, and the Sidi Adventure Gortex boots were the most waterproof boots I have yet to own with no leaks or even any dampness.

So besides not zipping up the pit vents on the jacket I was very happy with the gear.



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