Cameras watching cameras…

In 2009 the Democrats in charge of the Peoples Republic of Maryland passed a law (SB277 for those of you who care) which was full of the things Democrats in the PRoMD love.  Mostly it included a low burden of proof for the state to issue you a ticket, as well as a lack of real oversight, and weak standards.  As I recall this measure actually got voted down the first time and then our esteemed “Governor” Mr Martin “I want to be the next president of America” O’Malley had his crony government resurrect the bill and twisted enough arms this time around to “pass the bill”.

This lead to them lowering speed limits on roads, declaring almost any road a “school zone”, and creating temporary work zones just to set up cameras.  The school zone thing is something most of us gunnies are very familiar with as the hoplophobes have long tried to use this angle as a gun elimination method.


Once people started analyzing the tickets they were receiving in the mail, and finding that they were being issued tickets even when they were not speeding.  This prompted them to start taking the tickets to court and winning based on simple physics and the time stamps on the photos.  This lead to the scamera operators to take the information about time between photos, and other information that someone could use to prove that they were in fact not speeding off of the tickets.

Then we had Judges denying the right to due process and declaring that you were guilty unless someone else was driving and you were turning them in at the court appearance.

So all of these abuses in the cash speed camera program have finally lead to people starting to rebel against the speed cameras.  Vandalism of the cameras is now becoming more and more frequent.  I can’t wait for a site to sprout up in Maryland much like the one in the UK about the Gatso cameras being vandalized.  It turns out that some of the counties (PG being the one I know about right now) are fiscally responsible for the repairs of the scameras to the tune of between $30,000 to $100,000 each.

So all of this background leads up to my post title.  The fact that in Prince Georges county they have now set up cameras to watch the cameras.

Of course these geniuses have failed to read the news about the most extensive CCTV network in the world being foiled by the use of a hoodie.  So for the vandals to keep on vandalizing and costing the counties and scamera operators hundreds of thousands of dollars it just requires the use of a hoodie.

To the vandals: You can get a hoodie at the local dollar store.  Ride on…

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