Dog issues

Well our old Politically Incorrect Dog had to go to the doggy tooth doc this morning.  He is going to loose one of his lower fangs.  He has tumors in his gums which require us to take him to the Dog Dentist every few years to have the tumors trimmed down and away from his teeth.

This time we had a runaway tumor that we did not see until just last week. It was bad enough that they are taking the tooth and a bit of bone.  Hopefully they will get the whole tumor.

He is 9 so hopefully this will make his last few years as pleasant as possible.

Off to the Ravens game tonight

Our friend scored his brother’s season tickets for the Ravens home opener.  We went to the very first game at the ravens stadium many years ago but we had not been since.

Our friends brother just did not want to deal with the hassles of opening night so my friend took the seats.

I am so looking forward to this as Football is about the only sport that I actively watch so seeing the home team play in person is cool.

The cover is all done

Dad and I finished the cover yesterday.

I can also attest to the fact that HardiBoard tastes terriable.  Cutting the stuff is a pain in the rear and takes a lot more effort even with a sharp saw blade.

But we are done except for a few trim pieces that need to be attached, but for now no more water in the basement stairwell…



The home stretch

Well the basement stair cover though not complete, was finished enough to throw on the top pieces just before the torrential downpour hit.

We still need to build the cover that is closest to the house.  The two moving carriages are finished to the point where we can put the covers on first thing in the morning.  The stationary cover is the last thing we will build and should be fairly quick to build because of the fact that it is stationary.  will just have to bolt that to the cinderblock wall and we will be done.

One other project left to do after the stair cover and I can put check marks on the big “to do” list.

Long hot day

Well we moved on from modeling to actually building.  We got the tracks down and the first carriage build and the second carriage is underway.  I think I lost a gallon or two of water today while working out in the heat.  All that time in Computer rooms just takes any acclimatization your body has and throws it out the window.

My new computer also came today and I was a good boy and did not open the box till the end of the day when we quit work on the project…

Man moving up from a 5 year old computer to a brand spanking new one is a big jump.

Things load at light speed…


Well Dad is here so it is work on the house time.

We spend today cutting out models for the basement stair cover.  We built a temporary one when the last Hurricane/Tropical Storm came up the coast.  Of course that was 7 years ago but temporary around here has a way of becoming permanent when I am not looking.

So we think we have a good design and have been doing the math to see how much material we will need.  We did a quick recon of the local big box home store, came up with some casters to make this whole project movable without the need for high explosives and a wookie.

So tomorrow we will be offering up sawdust to the wood gods, with a little luck we will only have to make two trips to home despot…

On Vacation

Well I missed yesterday.  With all of the last minute things that had to be done before my parents got here, I just ran out of time and energy.  The parents are off and running around the area visiting relatives in DE today and tomorrow.  I then get them for a few days then they are off to PA to see the rest of the family up in the Pittsburg area.

Even though I have been “off” since last Friday this is the first day I have not had lots to do.  Just have to fix the hall closet as the dowel rod broke sometime yesterday.

Its nice to be able to just stare out the window if I want to, but I have to get ready for hunting season…

A brief moment of honesty

Well good old Martin O’Malley the Governor of the Peoples Republic of Maryland, had a very brief moment of honesty last nigh at the DNC where he actually answered the question of whether  or not the average American is better off now than 4 years ago.  His answer was No…

Of course now he is walking that back.  But we all know his first answer was the correct one.  Maryland being a Democrat run state with total Democrat party rule, it  is out of control.  We spend like the country is not in a depression recession.

Since 2007 this asshat and the dumocrats in charge of Maryland have raised taxes and fees in excess of 20 times.  All while not cutting a dime of spending in the state.  On top of that during a deep double dip recession these clowns enact a millionaire tax.  That tax caused Millionaires to leave the state of MD in droves. Because why should people with the means to escape that tax stay and pay more of their income to a soon to be failed state*.  That tax cost the state of MD 1.7 billion dollars in tax revenues, go party of smart power.

This year the dumocrats have passed a tax increase on hundred thousand-airs.  Which will hit my family in the chin as we are DINCs.

They also wanted to raise sales tax to 7% from the 6% it is currently and the 5% it was in 2008.  ALL WHILE NOT CUTTING SPENDING.  This is one more reason whenever I can I will purchase goods over the internet where they are not getting taxed.  In fact for my next big ticket purchase I can buy it at a discount due to my employer at the local Apple store.  I will in fact be buying it via the Internet.  It will cost me 50 bucks more that way, but not a red cent will go to Maryland via sales taxes.  And that makes me very happy.

Lets not even talk about the Scameras that a lot of the counties have started putting in.  They lower the speed limits and put in lots of new “school zones” so they can put in more cameras.  Fortunately my county has not yet allowed the Scameras to be installed.  I already have several very nice photos of my car that Prince Georges county has mailed me.

Finally MD undertaking voting district gerrymandering that shames anything that the Democrats are complaining about in Texas, but since it is in Democrat controlled Maryland it is not news.  At least that is going to go on the ballet in november, not that the drones in MD will be smart enough to vote it down.

Marylanders are FAR FAR worse off now than when O’Malley took over.

So for the love of all that is holy don’t believe a word that comes out of that asshat’s mouth over the next week.

* See Kalifonia as a prime example of a failed state run by Democrats

Reloader Reloaded

My reloader is running on 18 years old, it is a dillon 650 with all the trimmings.  It has loaded many a thousand rounds in it’s day.  I swapped it over from .40 back to .45 and while I was at it I tore down the whole lower half.

After 18 years it is no longer running as smooth as it had once done.  I cleaned an lubricated all of the parts in hope that it would run a bit smother than it has been.

I then proceeded to load up 700 or so rounds of .45 it did fairly well, but there were a couple of times that the action would tighten up for no reason that I could discern.  It would loosen back up in a stroke or so and be fine for a hundred rounds or so and do it again.

I will do another run of 700 or so .45 LSWC in the next day or so and see how things go.  But it may be time to send it home to mommy for a tuneup.

But in the mean time I will have 2000 rounds of .45 to shoot up.