Range Day

Well I went out to the Turtle Gunners range last weekend to do some shooting.  One of the turtle gunners had invited me to come out and shoot.  The first time I went out I brought lots of toys and lots of ammo.  Fun was had.  I decided to go out and purchase a steel target for the range which I blogged about a few posts back as a thank you and a please let me come back offering.

So when I went back on Saturday I brought the new target which held up quite nicely to everything we threw at it, up to and including the .308 at 75 yards or so.

But the the nice thing about being on a private range is that you have time to do testing and tuning.  I have an SVT40 that I have had for 5 years or so.  It has always been a single shot weapon and that has frustrated me as I did not have anywhere I could go out and tinker with the gas system and try and get it to be a semi auto rifle again.  I ordered a new stainless steel gas piston/cup set from Bill Berg at PPSh-41.com  as I was not trusting the old steel ones as they were very loose.  And while I was at it I ordered new recoil springs on a whim.

At the range with the gas system set at 1.2 the rifle was finally a semiautomatic.  The spent casings ejected rather weakly.  So I turned it up to 1.5 which turns out the be the recommended starting point from the mosinnagant.net SVT40 page.  Now the casings were ejecting smartly and the gun was a joy to shoot.  The recoil was stouter than the M1 Garand but still very controllable.  The SVT also grouped very nicely from the standing position with 5 rounds in about an inch and a half group.  Not bad for this blind shooter…

So big thanks go out to the Turtle Gunners for allowing me to shoot at their range.

Pre Hurricane post

Well for us right now it is just a bunch of rain with the occasional gust to 20mph.  Its not raining particularly hard just constantly.  So when the 60mph gusts do finally get here the ground will be soaked and you can expect to loose a lot of trees.  Now Ocean City MD is a whole other story.  My buddy expects major damage to his beach house.

My father and I made a cap to the basement stairs this summer but we did not put a cap on the front of the cover…  So this morning I made a temporary cap out of some spare plywood and put it on the front. I then put some cinderblocks on it to keep it in place.  After I did that I went down into the basement stairwell and bailed out 6 ~ 7 Gallons of water…

Early voting or not

Well we pulled up to the local early voting place with the intent to go vote.

The line was at least 200 yards long out of the front of the building.  Needless to say we buzzed the tower and got the heck out of there.  No way am I standing in line for 3 hours to vote early.  I will be able to just walk up on election day.  Only had to wait for 10 minutes in 2004, besides that time I have never had to wait more than a minute or two.


Bachelor for a week…

Well the better half has been out in AZ for the week with my parents.  Kind of quiet here without her.

Can’t watch any TV because we watch the shows together.  I have yet to kill any animals.  Have not burned down the house yet either.

The one really nice thing about being a bachelor for the week is that I can do things that would normally I would get all kinds of grief for doing.

Such as this photo.

Normally I would not be able to leave this nice new target in the living room for more than an hour or so.  Now it has been up in the living room since yesterday and no one has yelled at me.  Dogs, don’t care. Cat, rubs on it every time he walks past which is tacit approval of the new living room furniture.

I will drag it out to the truck on Saturday morning for the trip to the range.


“The potential for disaster is pretty significant,”

The final sentence in the latest diatribe from the Washington Toast is the prevailing attitude of the lawmakers and their police speaker lapdogs.  That was written in this piece on the current court case that is in appeals right now.  The unusual thing about this article is that it is pretty even handed seeing that it is coming from the Pravda on the Potomac

Since I have been watching the MD 2A issues for the last 20 years the MD lawmakers have always tried to use scare tactics.  A few years ago when I was sitting in the state house listeneing to testimony about getting rid of the “Good and Substantial” clause in the Concealed Carry law, we had a representative come in and testify how “There would be blood running in the streets”.  Of course all of the liberal gun grabbers shelved the bill that year, and the next year, and the next.  Finally Heller came along and there looked as if a glimmer of hope on concealed carry was shining down on us.

So MD lost the court case on the “Good and Substantial” wording. The Judge called Maryland’s permit system a “rationing system” and stated that it had been used in a capricious and arbitrary way to keep citizens from being granted permits.  Of course MD has appealed and the citizens of the state are waiting patiently for the appeal to be decided.

While we wait we are subjected to more crap from the Anti-gun organizations and the Washington Post like the one linked above.

The final two paragraphs in the “news” report is the normal “mayhem will rule” crap that the Anti-gun and Main Stream Media scream every time another state passes concealed carry.  Of course the mayhem never happens, and of course they never retract all of their false statements and lies.

Some things never change.  I have my fingers crossed that MD will loose this appeal, and Marylanders will finally be able to exercise their god given rights as well as the 2nd Amendment.


Laptop bags.

I have been traveling internationally for 15 years now and I know you need a good bag for your laptop.

I have had only a few.  I tent to pick largish backpacks.  I was never satisfied with the rolling square bags as there were too many times that I ended up carrying a heavy clumsy bag for a long distance.  So naturally I gravitated to the backpack laptop bag.  My first one lasted me a good 5 years before the laptop air cell died.  My second one lasted me 9 years and I could still use it but it is starting to wear through on spots on the bottom. So for the last year and a half I have been on the hunt for a new laptop bag that I like.

I tried the messenger type bag for a good year.  Got a nice Osprey bag and really really liked it.  The trouble with the messenger type bag is that unless you actually put the strap over your head and then on your shoulder, you will find that the bag is awkward and really starts biting into your shoulder.  This sucks when you have to traverse most of the atlanta airport.  Besides that I found that the Osprey bag was laid out very well with plenty of zipper pockets and mesh pockets inside of the zipper pocket for all your crap.  This was something I really liked in a bag.

Now today Backpack laptops are all the rage.  Everyone makes on and for the most part they are all crap.  Big gynormous zippered caverns where all of your crap ends up on the bottom of the bag.  For an engineer with a bunch of cables, various thumb drives, hard drives, and backup batteries and chargers it is a nightmare.  You end up emptying half of your bag before you find what you are looking for.  Not optimal.  I have gone through 3 backpack style bags in the last 3 months looking for one that works well for me.

I would spend a lot of time on the research and then order the bag.  Only to be depressed with multiple aspects of the bag.  No iPad sleeve, poor laptop protection, crap for organization, no easily accessible phone pouch.

Northface: Blah.  They have been going to crap for the last 15 years or ever since they moved their production to china.  The only thing I buy from them now is their shorts.

Mountain Hardware: Meh.  Terrible color selection and all mostly to small.

REI: Nothing blew my skirt up on the design front.

I then looked at the online laptop bags and there were two that I was interested in and one was from a no name, no reputation company, the other was from OGIO, which I know makes kick ass bags for travel.   A lot of them were trendy bags not suitable for business environments.  I did see two of their backpack bags that looked like they would work.

The one I wanted was not yet released so I waited and when I finally saw that it was released I ordered it.  It is the Renegade RSS.  I will give a full review when I get off the plane…

One Trillion Dollars…

I keep repeating that number with pinky finger extended to the side of my mouth…

Welfare.  More money spent than on Social Security.  More money spent than on Defense.  More money spent than on Medicare.

I am stunned that we have poured one trillion dollars into 83 means tested programs.  One more reason why we need to kill and restrict a lot of these programs that seem to spend whatever they feel like spending with no limits.

The abuses in these programs are rampant, so when Romney gets sworn in maybe the new congress can start chainsawing and eliminating these abusive wastes of money.


Well I have decided that I really need a real safe for my firearms and other valuables.  I have been looking at a lot of different safes.  They all seem to run a couple grand for the larger models to well over 4 to 8 grand for the biggies.  In all the reading that I have been doing the general theme seems to be buy the bigger safe.  Better too big than too small…

My next problem with be that the safe will be living in the basement.  Which means that I will have to get the safe down the bottom of the stairs and then into the man cave where my reloader and such live.  So the average safe weighs in at somewhere north of a thousand pounds, and is a large hunk of steel. Not something that I am going to be able to deal with myself.  Which is something that I am not to happy about, I don’t want to advertise to anybody that I have a big safe in the house.

I have found out about a safe company called Zanotti Armor.  Their safes break down into several man portable pieces which you then assemble in place where you want it to be.  I really really like this option.  Unfortunately so do a lot of other people.  I called them today and asked about their safes.

The cost was not too far out of line with other safes, and I can put it in and then move it later with just the help of a friend.  This was the good news.  The bad news was that they could get me my safe sometime around June 2013.

WHAT did you say JUNE???

Really, if demand is that great why don’t they add to their manufacturing capacity.  An 8 month wait list for your products is a problem almost any manufacturer would kill to have, I also know a whole lot of people would be working really hard to bring down that wait list to a month.  I really like this safe but 8+ month wait may be too long for me.

You loot, We shoot

I have seen a few gun bloggers post up about the hints of the upcoming rioting that may occur when Obama loses the upcoming election.

I understand just how thin the veneer of civility is and how little it will take to remove that layer of civility.  Now I live out in the burbs, so I doubt that any of that inner city rioting will make it this far out.

There are 600 sworn officers to cover 510,000 people over the 588 square miles in the county.  So if the mask of civility slips off, you are pretty much going to be on your own.  I am sure that most of those officers are going to be taking care of their families.

I have my can of spray paint and sheet of plywood ready to go…