Ruining the flying experience…

I fly through Hotlanta frequently.  I have always enjoyed it.  Not for the reason that most people enjoy it mind you.  Not that I don’t like the long walks through the sea of humanity, dodging the blithering idiots that can’t seem to walk on the right side of the terminal.  Nor do I mind the subway between the terminals, I do prefer to walk if I have enough time between flights.

It has always been the  Au Bon Pain in B terminal that I have enjoyed.  That place has the best Raspberry Croissants.

Now it’s gone, only to be replaced by yet another crappy “Mexican” fast food restaurant.

Frankly Au Bon Pain was the only thing I looked forward to in the Hotlanta airport.

Now I just have getting groped by the TSA to look forward to in Hotlanta, or having my dirty laundry groped by TSA as the little slip of paper read when I opened my bag last night..

Sigh…  There really is not much left that is fun in air travel…

2 thoughts on “Ruining the flying experience…”

  1. I used to like the flying part too. Once you have a dozen or so 10 hour plus rides in the big aluminum tube inside a year you are definitely “over” the flying experience.

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