“You Lie”

Never were two words more true than with our current and hopefully soon to be ex-president.  Those words stirred up a lot of controversy when Joe Wilson shouted them on September 9th 2009, at the time I thought that Joe was a little bit out of line.  Now it is 2012 and I have lost track of the number of lies that this president has told.  It sickens me greatly that our current president has so little honor, so little dignity, so little respect for America and the office of the President

The fact that the government KNEW within 30 hours that this was a Terrorist attack and yet still tried to blame it on a third rate movie trailer posted in July on youtube is nauseating.

They KNEW and they LIED…  Our Ambassador died and Obama Lied. Inexcusable.

He can’t be gone soon enough…

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