Out riding

Got the pure dirt bikes out today.  No dual sporting today.

I feel old.  By the time our three hours of riding were done I was feeling every bump and the two slow speed tip overs did not help.  My buddy Mike also managed to put in a couple of slow speed tip overs.  It was Motrin time when we both got back to his house.

Mine were both a lack of momentum deal.  The downside is my right hip is killing me from struggling to keep things up.  In the 6 years since I have taken up dirt biking again most of my slow speed crashes have been due to lack of momentum.  I need to commit more.  What’s worse is that I know it but just can’t seem to do it when I need to…

These unintended ground interfacings hurt.  I need to get back into shape, well at least a shape other than pear…

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