Making smoke and noise

Well as this is posted I am actually out at a range.  I am sure I am having fun.  It is a bit cold but I am putting my boomsticks through their paces.  I have been on the road so much this year and most of last year that I just have not been shooting.  I have been reloading a bunch as I was down to only a few hundred .45 acp.  I now have well over a thousand rounds of .45 and got an order in for 500 rounds of .308 which I am burning up a few hundred of right about now.

I was very impressed with Target Sports USA as I ordered it on Wednesday and it hit my door on Friday morning.  I was a bit shocked as normally when I order bulk rifle ammo it takes at least a week to show up.  It sure is nice getting something from a company on the east coast for a change.

I now return to my previously scheduled range time.

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