Well I have decided that I really need a real safe for my firearms and other valuables.  I have been looking at a lot of different safes.  They all seem to run a couple grand for the larger models to well over 4 to 8 grand for the biggies.  In all the reading that I have been doing the general theme seems to be buy the bigger safe.  Better too big than too small…

My next problem with be that the safe will be living in the basement.  Which means that I will have to get the safe down the bottom of the stairs and then into the man cave where my reloader and such live.  So the average safe weighs in at somewhere north of a thousand pounds, and is a large hunk of steel. Not something that I am going to be able to deal with myself.  Which is something that I am not to happy about, I don’t want to advertise to anybody that I have a big safe in the house.

I have found out about a safe company called Zanotti Armor.  Their safes break down into several man portable pieces which you then assemble in place where you want it to be.  I really really like this option.  Unfortunately so do a lot of other people.  I called them today and asked about their safes.

The cost was not too far out of line with other safes, and I can put it in and then move it later with just the help of a friend.  This was the good news.  The bad news was that they could get me my safe sometime around June 2013.

WHAT did you say JUNE???

Really, if demand is that great why don’t they add to their manufacturing capacity.  An 8 month wait list for your products is a problem almost any manufacturer would kill to have, I also know a whole lot of people would be working really hard to bring down that wait list to a month.  I really like this safe but 8+ month wait may be too long for me.