Laptop bags.

I have been traveling internationally for 15 years now and I know you need a good bag for your laptop.

I have had only a few.  I tent to pick largish backpacks.  I was never satisfied with the rolling square bags as there were too many times that I ended up carrying a heavy clumsy bag for a long distance.  So naturally I gravitated to the backpack laptop bag.  My first one lasted me a good 5 years before the laptop air cell died.  My second one lasted me 9 years and I could still use it but it is starting to wear through on spots on the bottom. So for the last year and a half I have been on the hunt for a new laptop bag that I like.

I tried the messenger type bag for a good year.  Got a nice Osprey bag and really really liked it.  The trouble with the messenger type bag is that unless you actually put the strap over your head and then on your shoulder, you will find that the bag is awkward and really starts biting into your shoulder.  This sucks when you have to traverse most of the atlanta airport.  Besides that I found that the Osprey bag was laid out very well with plenty of zipper pockets and mesh pockets inside of the zipper pocket for all your crap.  This was something I really liked in a bag.

Now today Backpack laptops are all the rage.  Everyone makes on and for the most part they are all crap.  Big gynormous zippered caverns where all of your crap ends up on the bottom of the bag.  For an engineer with a bunch of cables, various thumb drives, hard drives, and backup batteries and chargers it is a nightmare.  You end up emptying half of your bag before you find what you are looking for.  Not optimal.  I have gone through 3 backpack style bags in the last 3 months looking for one that works well for me.

I would spend a lot of time on the research and then order the bag.  Only to be depressed with multiple aspects of the bag.  No iPad sleeve, poor laptop protection, crap for organization, no easily accessible phone pouch.

Northface: Blah.  They have been going to crap for the last 15 years or ever since they moved their production to china.  The only thing I buy from them now is their shorts.

Mountain Hardware: Meh.  Terrible color selection and all mostly to small.

REI: Nothing blew my skirt up on the design front.

I then looked at the online laptop bags and there were two that I was interested in and one was from a no name, no reputation company, the other was from OGIO, which I know makes kick ass bags for travel.   A lot of them were trendy bags not suitable for business environments.  I did see two of their backpack bags that looked like they would work.

The one I wanted was not yet released so I waited and when I finally saw that it was released I ordered it.  It is the Renegade RSS.  I will give a full review when I get off the plane…

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