“The potential for disaster is pretty significant,”

The final sentence in the latest diatribe from the Washington Toast is the prevailing attitude of the lawmakers and their police speaker lapdogs.  That was written in this piece on the current court case that is in appeals right now.  The unusual thing about this article is that it is pretty even handed seeing that it is coming from the Pravda on the Potomac

Since I have been watching the MD 2A issues for the last 20 years the MD lawmakers have always tried to use scare tactics.  A few years ago when I was sitting in the state house listeneing to testimony about getting rid of the “Good and Substantial” clause in the Concealed Carry law, we had a representative come in and testify how “There would be blood running in the streets”.  Of course all of the liberal gun grabbers shelved the bill that year, and the next year, and the next.  Finally Heller came along and there looked as if a glimmer of hope on concealed carry was shining down on us.

So MD lost the court case on the “Good and Substantial” wording. The Judge called Maryland’s permit system a “rationing system” and stated that it had been used in a capricious and arbitrary way to keep citizens from being granted permits.  Of course MD has appealed and the citizens of the state are waiting patiently for the appeal to be decided.

While we wait we are subjected to more crap from the Anti-gun organizations and the Washington Post like the one linked above.

The final two paragraphs in the “news” report is the normal “mayhem will rule” crap that the Anti-gun and Main Stream Media scream every time another state passes concealed carry.  Of course the mayhem never happens, and of course they never retract all of their false statements and lies.

Some things never change.  I have my fingers crossed that MD will loose this appeal, and Marylanders will finally be able to exercise their god given rights as well as the 2nd Amendment.


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