Bachelor for a week…

Well the better half has been out in AZ for the week with my parents.  Kind of quiet here without her.

Can’t watch any TV because we watch the shows together.  I have yet to kill any animals.  Have not burned down the house yet either.

The one really nice thing about being a bachelor for the week is that I can do things that would normally I would get all kinds of grief for doing.

Such as this photo.

Normally I would not be able to leave this nice new target in the living room for more than an hour or so.  Now it has been up in the living room since yesterday and no one has yelled at me.  Dogs, don’t care. Cat, rubs on it every time he walks past which is tacit approval of the new living room furniture.

I will drag it out to the truck on Saturday morning for the trip to the range.


2 thoughts on “Bachelor for a week…”

  1. Baby, you can have that up as long as you want but not in walking paths. Now if you painted it yellow it would be perfect!

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