Range Day

Well I went out to the Turtle Gunners range last weekend to do some shooting.  One of the turtle gunners had invited me to come out and shoot.  The first time I went out I brought lots of toys and lots of ammo.  Fun was had.  I decided to go out and purchase a steel target for the range which I blogged about a few posts back as a thank you and a please let me come back offering.

So when I went back on Saturday I brought the new target which held up quite nicely to everything we threw at it, up to and including the .308 at 75 yards or so.

But the the nice thing about being on a private range is that you have time to do testing and tuning.  I have an SVT40 that I have had for 5 years or so.  It has always been a single shot weapon and that has frustrated me as I did not have anywhere I could go out and tinker with the gas system and try and get it to be a semi auto rifle again.  I ordered a new stainless steel gas piston/cup set from Bill Berg at PPSh-41.com  as I was not trusting the old steel ones as they were very loose.  And while I was at it I ordered new recoil springs on a whim.

At the range with the gas system set at 1.2 the rifle was finally a semiautomatic.  The spent casings ejected rather weakly.  So I turned it up to 1.5 which turns out the be the recommended starting point from the mosinnagant.net SVT40 page.  Now the casings were ejecting smartly and the gun was a joy to shoot.  The recoil was stouter than the M1 Garand but still very controllable.  The SVT also grouped very nicely from the standing position with 5 rounds in about an inch and a half group.  Not bad for this blind shooter…

So big thanks go out to the Turtle Gunners for allowing me to shoot at their range.

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