Making smoke and noise

Well as this is posted I am actually out at a range.  I am sure I am having fun.  It is a bit cold but I am putting my boomsticks through their paces.  I have been on the road so much this year and most of last year that I just have not been shooting.  I have been reloading a bunch as I was down to only a few hundred .45 acp.  I now have well over a thousand rounds of .45 and got an order in for 500 rounds of .308 which I am burning up a few hundred of right about now.

I was very impressed with Target Sports USA as I ordered it on Wednesday and it hit my door on Friday morning.  I was a bit shocked as normally when I order bulk rifle ammo it takes at least a week to show up.  It sure is nice getting something from a company on the east coast for a change.

I now return to my previously scheduled range time.

Out riding

Got the pure dirt bikes out today.  No dual sporting today.

I feel old.  By the time our three hours of riding were done I was feeling every bump and the two slow speed tip overs did not help.  My buddy Mike also managed to put in a couple of slow speed tip overs.  It was Motrin time when we both got back to his house.

Mine were both a lack of momentum deal.  The downside is my right hip is killing me from struggling to keep things up.  In the 6 years since I have taken up dirt biking again most of my slow speed crashes have been due to lack of momentum.  I need to commit more.  What’s worse is that I know it but just can’t seem to do it when I need to…

These unintended ground interfacings hurt.  I need to get back into shape, well at least a shape other than pear…

“You Lie”

Never were two words more true than with our current and hopefully soon to be ex-president.  Those words stirred up a lot of controversy when Joe Wilson shouted them on September 9th 2009, at the time I thought that Joe was a little bit out of line.  Now it is 2012 and I have lost track of the number of lies that this president has told.  It sickens me greatly that our current president has so little honor, so little dignity, so little respect for America and the office of the President

The fact that the government KNEW within 30 hours that this was a Terrorist attack and yet still tried to blame it on a third rate movie trailer posted in July on youtube is nauseating.

They KNEW and they LIED…  Our Ambassador died and Obama Lied. Inexcusable.

He can’t be gone soon enough…

Ruining the flying experience…

I fly through Hotlanta frequently.  I have always enjoyed it.  Not for the reason that most people enjoy it mind you.  Not that I don’t like the long walks through the sea of humanity, dodging the blithering idiots that can’t seem to walk on the right side of the terminal.  Nor do I mind the subway between the terminals, I do prefer to walk if I have enough time between flights.

It has always been the  Au Bon Pain in B terminal that I have enjoyed.  That place has the best Raspberry Croissants.

Now it’s gone, only to be replaced by yet another crappy “Mexican” fast food restaurant.

Frankly Au Bon Pain was the only thing I looked forward to in the Hotlanta airport.

Now I just have getting groped by the TSA to look forward to in Hotlanta, or having my dirty laundry groped by TSA as the little slip of paper read when I opened my bag last night..

Sigh…  There really is not much left that is fun in air travel…