Boys trip to the mountain

Well we made another pilgrimage to the dirt bike mecca of the east coast.  It all started off so well.  Friday was nice and we initiated our newest riding buddy to the joys of Hatfield & McCoy.  He only crashed it twice on friday.

Friday night was when it all started going wrong.  Our other buddy who has a history at Hatfield started feeling not so good around dinner time.  By the time we got to the cabin he was doing the technicolor yawn after just clearing the truck door.  He was driving the buick all night, at some point we were worried that we were going to have to take him to the Logan hospital (again).  Somewhere around two am he stopped walking ralph and just moaned a bunch.

Next day it was nice and sunny.  Our buddy was in bed and looking like death.  We did what any good riding buddies would do.  We left him in the cabin and went riding.  It was a good day of riding, the newb only crashed it twice.  I decided that the bush looked softer than the side by side that was taking up the whole trail.  The quadders all asked if I was ok as they drove by splattering me with mud.  All in all it was a nice day to ride.

Sunday was also a great day on the mountain.  Our sick buddy had finally made it out of the chair onto the porch.  We once again did what good buddies would do and went riding without him. The newb did well with only one crash and two or three drops while standing still.  I think he was worn out by this point since we did make him do a single track.  We finished off the day watching the first tie in the NFL since 2008.  It was a good weekend except for our poor sick buddy with the stomach virus.

Monday dawned and we started packing up.  As we were driving down off the mountain things started to go bad for me.  Seems my buddy gave me his stomach virus.  I think we made it 60 miles before I was calling for a pull over and hurl…  I think he had the tuck almost stopped when I had the back door open and got busy painting the pavement with last nights dinner…

There is nothing more miserable than being stuck in a truck for 7 hours and wanting to hurl every hour and a half…


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