No more Twinkie’s

So the bakers union is on strike.  They don’t want pay cuts. Hostess will start liquidation if the union does not go back to work thursday night.  It will be like a bad day in Zombieland, nothing but snowballs and I hate coconut…

So no jobs are better than a pay cut?  The unions need to realize that they economy is in a depression.  So if hostess liquidates Twinkies may come back made by someone else but those jobs will never come back as the company that buys hostesses intellectual property will certainly not fall for the same old union trick.  They will start making them somewhere else.  Most likely a right to work state with low union activity.

My company is going through a reduction in force (read as layoffs) if you are not a top performer you may be looking for a new job.  The number of companies that have announced layoffs is getting larger every day.

Welcome to the mess left by the last president.  I am so glad that Obama gets to deal with his own mess.  Something tells me that it is going to get so bad that the Senate will be changing colors in two short years kind of like the House did in 2010…

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