Getting my Geek on.

Well I did do some shooting on sunday and my buddy decided that he wants to build his own AR after shooting mine and a friends…  So it looks like he will be hunting for parts now…

But in the mean time I have been delving into my inner geek with a project from work.  I have to build a new machine to run ESXi 5.1 in order to run our corporate UC system in a single box.  I still need a gateway but I have one of those so I am good to go on that front.

The box specs are pretty heavy on the full corporate package but I have found that you don’t have to give it the full beans in order to get it to run.  I mean I am running a lab system in which I only need to support a few active users not tens of thousands of users.  I also won’t need to have 300,000 BHCC (Busy Hour Call Completions) either, so I can get away with a substantially reduced box.

It feels good getting my hands dirty again…

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