Venison, it’s what’s for dinner.

Got my first deer in well over 25 years.  Nice sized Doe,  She made it about 30 yards from where I made the shot with my crossbow.  I would have done it with a bow but my shoulder has been problematic for the last 6 months or so which means no bow.

I know Thunderbolt has been posting about hunting and then the butchering.  Unfortunately for me I don’t have an experienced hunting partner, all my friends drive fast cars for fun.  So that means that I am not doing the butchering part of the hunting experience.

I took my deer to Austin’s Deer Processing.  It cost me a bit more but I do have deer baloney coming home in a couple of days as well as the traditional backstraps and such…

Off to get a freezer for the garage tomorrow, as there is no room for any deer in the house fridge…


2 thoughts on “Venison, it’s what’s for dinner.”

  1. Thanks.

    Got the meat back and it looks like I need to go out and shoot at least 2 more deer to fill up the fridge…

    If I did not have so much crap in my garage I could probably fit 5 cars in there. I have had 4 in there and room for another two seater, but that was before I filled it up with junk.

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