Old Mother Hubbard’s

A friend is looking to buy or build his own AR.  We went to my favorite store to see Mark…  Well usually when I walk in the walls are stocked up two and sometimes 3 AR’s and other EBRs deep going up five rows and probably 5 columns wide.  So at any given time you would be looking at 20 ~ 50 EBRs…  We stopped in on Friday afternoon and holy crap batman.  There was one AR on the wall as well CSG SCHMEISSER STG-44 and a Sig SBR and that was it.  There were some shotguns on the wall too but they don’t count.  Additionally 3/4 of their handguns were gone.  They had two stripped uppers and no lowers of any kind.  And to top it all off there were 10 people in line to get to the counter.

If I was a betting man I would say that all the manufacturers of EBRs have gone to three shifts of production to strike while the iron is hot so to speak…

If the Dumocrats idea was to get guns off the streets, well to say that may have backfired is a huge understatement.

When the Obummer got elected in 2008 I built an AR and it took me 6 months to get a special barrel, but the rest of the parts all showed up inside of a month.  Something tells me this time around it is going to take 6 months just to get a stripped lower.  And even then it is not going to be a cheap endeavor.

And Cerberus cutting its stake in Freedom Group looks to be the dumb move of the year…

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