11 screaming harpies

Well I went to the Nations Gun Show in Northern Virginia today.  My mate and I got there at 1:50 and the show was going to open at 3PM.  Well we started walking back around the side of the building and an event organizer told us we needed to get our hand stamped.  So we went off to the front.  My mate signed up for the NRA and his free entry, I paid the 12 bucks for a one day entry.

We then started walking to the end of the paid line to wait for the show to start.  We continued to walk around the building and continued to walk around the back of the building to the back parking lot, where the line then doubled and tripled back on itself.  I swear that line was around a half mile long.  If they had not serpentined the line around the back it would have wrapped the building, and that building is not small.  The line was also well behaved, we all had a chuckle when the black guy behind us noted that this line would probably not be so polite and cordial if we were waiting for section 8 housing vouchers or an Obama phone.

Well when we finally got near the front around 3:15 or so we started to hear the screaming harpies.  It seems that someone armed the harpies with a megaphone and they were screeching about how we don’t need assault weapons, scary magazines and such…  It all went sideways as we got right in front of them and they started screeching about how we were interfering with their 1st amendment rights, Really???  At that point there was a great cackling from the show goers and then jeers about how they need a bull horn to exercise their free speech…   Turns out that they got thrown off the property a bit later as it is private property.  Poor Code Pink.  Don’t go home mad, just go home.  No body cares what you think, please let us know what the tree falling in the woods when no one is around actually sounds like.

Well when we finally got  in it was sort of a free for all with people running around trying to find PMags.  The cheapest PMags at the show were 30 bucks for 20 rounders and then 40 bucks for 30 rounders.  The most expensive PMags were going for 60 bucks and NIB GI mags were going for 30 to 50 bucks.  The worst magazine gouging I saw was for SCAR 17 mags.  For beat a up 20 round FDE (Flat Desert Earth) the dealer wanted ONE HUNDRED and TWENTY bucks  Yep $120 dollars for a beat up magazine I might have picked up for 20 bucks if I was in the market for a SCAR magazine.  I actually laughed in that dealer’s face, once I started laughing he stammered about how dealers were something or other blah blah blah.  I did not hear the rest as I was rolling on the floor.

Once I picked myself off the floor and moved on, I did in fact find a couple of factory H&K USP 12 round .45 magazines that I was trying to find.  At list price they were a screaming bargain as I saw others going for 70 dollars..

I also picked up a nice Spyderco sprint run Clay 3 Damascus which I will have to photo as describing it does not do it justice as my new daily carry knife.

There was narry a stripped AR-15 lower to be found, at least by the time we got there.  I saw a couple of very crappy quality complete lowers selling for north of seven bills.  The one guy walking around with a lower and Magpul ACS stock was actually looking half good at Six Fifty…  Please wait while I slap myself for even thinking that sentence let alone typing it.

Oh and the SCAR 17 at $6900 was hilarious…

It is a sellers market until supply can catch up a bit.

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