Shall not be infringed…

I have no problem with background checks.  I have no problem within reason for psych checks, but that can and has been abused by the state.  So psych checks need to be done with great care.

Now the Gun grabbers have been planning the things that they have been doing in the last couple of weeks since long before the shootings in Connecticut.  The shooter in Connecticut violated more than a half a dozen laws.  Laws which did nothing to prevent what happened.  Nothing that the Gun Grabbers have proposed will address then next shooting or the shooting after that or the one after that one.

Guns are not going away.  With an excess of 150 million background checks in the NICS system since 1998 there are a lot more firearm owners than the 60 to 90 million that the average Gun Grabbers quote.  Best estimates are around 270 million firearms,  Firearms don’t go bad, don’t expire, they can be damaged beyond operability but it is not the easiest thing to do.

Now the gun grabbers are going to do their best to pass new draconian laws, but this time around gun owners understand the ban and are not going to let that happen.  Period. End. Of. Story.

The gun grabbers are going to try other things and we must stand our ground.  Until they repeal the Second amendment I have two words for the Dianne Feinsteins of the world.

Fuck You

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