Shoveling the fertilizer in the dead of the night.

Well it seems that New York state is about to get the shiv in the kidney.  The favorite move of the gun grabbers and crooked politicians (sorry for the redundancy) has happened again.  Shoveling a shit bill through a body of government late at night.  A bill that does nothing to address the gun violence problem.

The Peoples Republic of Maryland will be trying this same tactic as soon as they can with good old Martin O’Malley trying the same trick that Andrew *spit* Cuomo just pulled.  You see Andrew and Martin seem to favor themselves as good Presidential Material in 2016, so they are going to pull out all the stops to make them look all presidential to the Tards.

I have also seen that they are trying to pull this crap over in Virginia also but the VCDL is much better organized it seems than the NY gunnies and they are all over it like and can muster lots of people on a short notice.

I hope that MSI in Maryland is as on top of thing as VCDL is in Virginia.  I guess it is time to get my comfortable shoes ready as it seems that I will be making the trip to Annapolis this legislative session.  I can’t stand Maryland and it high taxes, anti-business, political corruption as it is, it may be time to leave the state shortly.

It seems that more and more of the coastal blue states are turning into little Totalitarian states.

Last american leaving the state, Please grab the flag…


Help a Gunny out Drive

It seems Jeff over at Alphecca has run aground on the rocky shoals of the Obama economy.

For my two readers out there, please post up something similar.  If you have the extra coins laying around hit Jeff’s paypal link.

I have long counted Jeff as a friend even though we have never met and have only traded a few emails, I have long been hitting up Jeff’s site for his Gun News roundup and appreciate that after 11 years he still puts up daily posts unlike me.