Show Me The Money!!!!!!

So Barack “Unicorn Farts and Fairy Dust” Obama gave a nice flowery speech today talking about all the good things he is going to give people and how he won’t cut anything in order to make it all happen…

So far this year .gov is spending around 5 billion a day in deficit spending.  So in the first 3 months of FY2013 (started on Oct 1 2012) we have spent 460 Billion dollars of money we don’t have and don’t have a way to get other than borrowing.  At some point very soon our borrowing limits will get nipped in the bud.

We do have enough money coming into the treasury to pay the interest on the debt, the military, SoSo Security and a few other things.  Others will have to be cut.  A lot of others.

Frankly we have tons of programs that can and should be cut/gutted/ended and doing so would probably put the country back in the black without having to raise taxes.

As one of the 48% that actually pay taxes to the government every year I can’t wait for the government to be forced to gut a whole bunch of government programs/departments.

I am tired of the piss poor return on my investments in .gov

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