Added a new stake holder to the 2nd Amendment

Went to Bass Pro near me last night to see about ordering a Lefty shotgun.  When I got there I saw that they had a pile of Colt carbines, 16 to be exact and 4 crappy bushmasters.

I immediately texted my buddy that they had Evil Black Rifles in stock.  I had already grabbed myself a ticket as that was the only way that I was going to be able to ask about a shotgun.  Once he responded back that he was interested I grabbed him one too even though he would not be there for an hour or so.  Now this was around 4:30.  After my buddy dropped his wife off at home he arrived at 6:30 or so.  There are now 12 Colts and 4 crappy bushmasters.

The only thing keeping those AR-15s there was the fact that bass pro only had 3 people there to oversee the paperwork (one was just doing firearm pickups).  By the time my buddy got his hands on his there were 10 left.  By the time I had a chance to put a request in to get a shotgun on order there were 9 left.  In the 4 hours that I was there 90% of the guns being sold were AR-15s, a stray shotgun or two and maybe a pistol.  If they had 4 people just doing paperwork those guns would probably would have all been gone before I finally finished giving Bass Pro my info for a call back on the shotgun order.

Oh, Bass pro was also selling them at list price.

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