I feel Dirty…

I changed my voter registration from Independent to Democrat today.  I had no other choice…

You see I live in The Peoples Republic of Maryland.  Yea, I know I need to do something about that but for now I have to live with it.

The state has been gerrymandered for the last 50 years so the Republicans are weak and ineffectual.  As an Independent I had no say whatsoever in the political process in Maryland.  So now I have to go out and use pages out of the progressive playbook and start attacking the system from the inside.

A few years ago we managed to get a few of the gun grabbers voted out.  Well now it is time for us to start taking matters into our own hands.  So being registered as a “spit” democrat I can vote in the primaries.  I have seen a lot of others doing the same thing.

Time to start working on them from the inside..


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