Off to Annapolis

Well I am off to Annapolis tomorrow morning, hopefully with a thousand or so of my closest friends. I will have my iPad with me so I will try and do some live updates… I am sure it will be cold out. I hope this does not put a damper on turnout.

Update 9:01 AM: Forgot to charge my camera. Giving it a quick 30 minute charge should be enough for the event…

Update 9:10 AM: Talked to The Turtle Gunners and they should be departing Towson around 9:30..

Update 10:51AM: Just getting to the Navy stadium is a nightmare. The highway exit was backed up a mile. Then another 30 minutes to the stadium.

Update 11:30AM: the festivities have started


Update 1:53PM: the senate building is full to capacity. The building is shutdown due to over capacity. Unless you signed up to speak you can’t get in.  Update on the update: By order of the fire marshal.

Update 1:55PM: Delegate Dwyer spoke to the crowd and stated that in his 11 years in Annapolis he had never seen so many people show up at a senate hearing.

Listening to the proceedings on the web.  The wankers are talking about school security and how it will be improved but there is nothing about school security in the bill…

Update 3:00PM: I have heard reports that the washington times is estimating the crowed to be over 3000 people.  I was thinking at least 2000 but I know nothing about estimating crowds..

This photo is from outside the senate building where the hearings are going on…


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