I almost got stuffed today in traffic…  The Local PoPo decided that they would block 4 lanes of traffic as they tried to get a van to pull over.  Of course everyone behind that decided that they were going to slam on their brakes.  I usually try and keep a few car lengths in front of me free when this crap is going on.  While I was braking I kept an eye on the rear view mirror.  The truck behind me was not paying attention and by the time he noticed traffic was dramatically slowing down he decided it was time to do panic braking.  I was also looking at the guy behind him who was paying even less attention to the traffic.

I shifted it from 6th into third, let out the clutch and full throttled it just as the white truck hit the black truck directly behind me.  I had enough buffer room to outrun the accident that was happening behind me and then enough brakes to keep me from hitting the guy in front of me when I ran out of buffer space in front of me.  Usually I would dive out of the lane but this time there was traffic on either side of me.

There is nothing like having 420 wheel HP on tap when you need it, and big 4 pot brake calipers for when you need to throw out the anchor.

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