No one pays with a check anymore… And why you should not go to the Grocery store on Easter.

So here you are just minding your own business in the grocery store, just getting it done. Then you go to get in a checkout line and here is where it goes all pear shaped on you, and lets face it the checkout line is always where the bad stuff happens in the grocery store.

Only two lines open for the people with more than 15 items in their cart. So I choose the shorter of the two with only two people in the line. Little did I know that there was a cat lady in the process of checking out.

I have my first inkling of the horror that my checkout was going to be come when I notice that Ms. Cat is holding each item up just before the clerk can grab it and then informs the clerk how much each item is on sale for, at this point I figure that its Easter and I should go find some Peeps that I should not have.

5 Minutes later I am back sans peeps as they were hiding them quite well. I get back in line since there were only Ms. Cat and the poor lady tapping her foot. I figured that she would be almost done. But at that moment she got out her coupon book. She had to verify with the clerk each time a coupon did not work or did not come up with the right amount. Five minutes later we finally come to the last coupon and it is time to pay, I am now getting excited that I could see the light at the end of the checkout line so to speak. But NO Ms. Cat has put paid to that dream when she extracts her CHECK BOOK from the bottom of her airplane hangar of a purse.

Really? I mean Really? Who still uses a Check Book, I have not used one for anything besides the cleaning ladies in more than 2 years. I just don’t see the point of a checkbook any longer as you can’t kite a check anymore since the cash register is linked into the ATM network and it verifies if the funds are in your bank or not.

At least she thanked the clerk for his extra time and efforts. No thanks to us in line behind her though. On the plus side the lady in front of me did not vault the cart and strangle Ms. Cat.

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