Life is going on…

Have not had much to say here recently.

Been more than a bit busy with work and motorcycle stuff.

Congress, Cut it out.  Until you start enforcing existing gun laws to even find out if they work you can blow me…

Marland Legislature:

Thanks for the new gun laws. They are so ineffective you can still cash and carry things like the SCAR 17 with just a NICS check.  We still get to own and get new 30 round magazines.

Thanks for the New Taxes, including the one on RAIN.  I am sure that MD will find a way to tax air shortly.

Not getting the Speed Cameras law repealed fixed, because “free money” coming out of our wallets.

Thanks for ignoring the thousands of people that bothered to come to Annapolis and turn the lights on only to watch the cockroaches scurry under their desks and play Chess…

Oh yea, 2014 is next year. A whole bunch of us can now vote in your primaries, you know those primaries that you only won by 100 votes or so.  Yea we were watching you in the committee meetings, and more so on the House and Senate floor.  More importantly we watched you vote to take our civil and god given rights away all the while you thought it was a joke…  Not to mention opening your mouthes to show us just how stupid 90% of you really are.  Almost forgot to mention how we watched you vote for other members who were not in their seats when the votes happened

Stay classy MD Dums…

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