Yes its been a long time since my last post.  Much progress has been made on the 240Z, though old man winter has harshed my mellow on the time frame.  I might have it running in two weeks but there is no way my shake down event will be the DC Pro too much to go wrong.

The 2.8 liter motor from a 280Z is in the car and I have the shiny custom intake and headers bolted up to the block.  I have the LS1 coil packs also bolted in the bracket and the bracket attached to the block.  I have all the cabling to the injectors done and the fuel rail ready to bolt on.  I have the first coil pack wiring harness done and have five left to build, which should take a few hours with all the crimping and soldering to be done.

After that I have to wire in the Crank and Cam sensors, the water and air temp sensors, and the MAP sensor.  Then wire up the Megasquirt ECU and it will be time to crank the beast over an make sure the timing is correct (coils firing and injectors firing) and the cam and crank sensors are configured correctly.  Then add fuel (after I bolt in a fuel tank and fuel pump) and see how things go…  I will probably have my buddy Alberto over for this as he has gotten cars running and tuned before…

All of my writing lately has been on facecock but I am thinking I am going to curtail almost all facecock activity, as it is a time suck and I really don’t like it other than updates from my racer buddies.  So I will try and post here more frequently.

2 thoughts on “Really….”

  1. As a Non-Facedick user I have to say Teh Blog is a much better venue. 🙂 We had a bunch of Fascedick worker-dickheads as our neighbors below in The Bay, and I have to say we were unimpressed in every respect and disrespect. Why on earth would I or ANYBODY want a Facedick email address???
    The day the Zuckerkid erupts into flames from an overdose of self-congratulatory toxic Smug and the whole thing dies a withering, convulsive AOL1998-death I’ll do the happy-dance.

  2. Facecock pisses me off more every day. Won’t be long till I just don’t use it any longer. I certainly would not accept a facecock email address. It bugs me almost every time I go on the site now as my “profile” is only 40% “complete”. No shit, there is all kinds of information that I think you don’t need to know. Its worse than google…

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