Dear old Dad

Well in the process of building my race car I have been having long talks with my dad about the build, giving him progress updates and such.  Most recently it was about relays.  I know what they do and have replaced them before but have never needed to wire one into a system before.  We talked about relays for a while and I got that all straitened out in my mind.

Discussions then went on to the TPS and just how to figure out which pin is which on the TPS, as most manufacturers won’t tell you which one is which for fear of a lawsuit no doubt.  My dad has forgotten more about how electronics and such than I even knew.  We just need to get the old meter on the contacts and take a look.  I will have him on FaceTime for that exercise, it should be fun.

Next we went into the Megasquirt ECU that I will be using and talking about how to get things wired most easily.  Dad was very interested in how that part of the project will work.  The last time he rebuilt a car or changed a motor they all still used points.  Sequential Fuel injection and Spark are a long way from that.   Its getting to a fun point now.


The custom intake is now bolted in place, more wiring has been done on sensors as the water temp sensor is in, and the air temp sensor is in the intake just behind the air filter.  The Cam sensor is an optical distributor without the distributor cap as its not needed.  The Crank sensor is all the way down at the bottom and is a hall effect sensor reading a trigger wheel bolted to the back of the Damper.  I would show you a pic of the other side but it is just a mess of loose wires right now…

I can still sit in the front seat and make vroom vroom sounds for now.

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