Gas tank

Well one of the other big hangups with my Z build has been the gas tank.  The one that came with the car was in pretty good shape on the outside but unfortunately there was gas left in it since 1984 or so when it was last on the road.  So the inside of the tank is horrible.  It is like Godzilla took a shit in there and they just sealed it up.

So I went to my buddies secret Z parts hideout in PA a few weeks ago and picked through his tanks.  He had 3 sealed tanks and they were all spotless on the inside, no rust whatsoever.  The outside however was a different story.  There was tons of surface rust.  I took the worst of the lot as my buddy still needed a tank or two.  Here is the tank once I had wire wheeled it a little and before the Red-Kote coating that is going in the tank because I may be using E85 in this build.


I had to wait this long to do the Red-Kote because it had to stay above 60° in order for me to coat the tank.  Well it was in the eighties this weekend so it was time to coat the inside of the tank


You can see more surface rust on the bottom of the tank and the last of the Red-Kote dripping out.  I had to then wait 24 hours before treating the rust on the outside.  So first thing in the morning I set it out in the driveway to bask in the sun.  Around 2pm it was time to treat the rust.  I am using Corroseal as it actually chemically converts the rust instead of just coating it and isolating it from the atmosphere like POR-15.  It goes on white and creamy.


After a few hours anywhere that was rust turned black while anywhere that was bare metal or old paint and primer it was clear.

Most of the bottom of the tank was fairly rusty so now I have a nice black tank in most places.


Now I will give it another shot of primer and then black paint out of a rattle can it will be ready to go back into the car once I mount and plumb the fuel pump.

Its getting closer to running every day.

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