Hours and Hours…

Well I am in the home stretch on the 240Z

Wrapped up the exhaust and fuel system this weekend,  Was all ready to work on ensuring the timing as such were right with the old timing light.  But when we cranked the car it seems that the coil circuit is blowing its fuse.  I originally thought the D581 coils were LS1 coils and wired them that way.  After exhaustive head scratching and research on the inter webs it seems that the coils may in fact be LS2 coils and they are flipped from what I have in the car right now.  Sigh…

I ordered new pigtails as my custom made pigtails can’t be easily changed over (I think and will verify tomorrow) as you have to run the wire through the connector and then crimp and solder the little metal ends on and then draw them into the connector.  If that is in fact the case I will not be able to reuse the connectors easily and getting GM pre made pigtails would be easier.

So Officially I have two things left to do.  The parking brakes and the fender flares.  I hope to knock the fender flares out this week or weekend and then the parking brake soon after.

Race season is upon us and I am ready to drive the car after the last 500 or so hours of wrenching on the car.

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