Leaving on the early plane

Have to get up at 3AM tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it.  Heading back to the east coast after being in Phoenix for the last week helping out with the family after my Mom had a minor stroke.   My sister went home on Wednesday but I planned on staying a bit longer in case Dad needing any help.  Turns out the microwave broke on Wednesday and needed replaced.  Only a couple holes were different on the mount for the new one so some drilling was required.  It would have been too much work for my Dad so it was good I was still here.  My parents replaced their old range at the same time but that was no issue.

I met up with Aric and Dan yesterday and we had a good time chewing the fat over lunch at Twin Peaks.  The scenery was nice and the food was ok but nothing to write home about.  Good times were had.

So when I get home it will be time to try and figure out why my 240Z is having timing sync losses above 5000 RPM.  Joy…

Its been a while

Since I have touched this page.

Life moves on.  The Z is a running race car, which means something is always breaking.  Right now that is the motor management which means that the car currently has a high rpm drop out on the crank sensor which I am struggling to figure out.  Could be noise, could be I don’t know what…

I think I am finally done with Facecock.  It has gotten to the point of being an annoyance more than anything else.  So maybe it is time to start writing here again.  Or not.  We shall see.