And the bleating continues…

So here we have another shooting in a gun free zone target rich environment, and the president is outraged…

Give us a break.  Were you outraged when 36 people were shot and killed in September in Chicago? Nope, did not even bat an eye?  How about the 25 in Baltimore in the last 30 days?  Nope…  Not a word.

Why?  There was no political gain by publicizing the 60 murders from those two cities.

Guns don’t just jump up and shoot on their own, it takes a person behind the gun to commit these vile acts.  I am betting that the guy that did this last shooting also got his guns through legal means and passed the background checks.  Background checks are only going to weed out the people who are already criminals (who don’t get their guns through legal means in the first place).  You can’t fix crazy but you can try and make sure that YOU are prepared should crazy intrude on your life.

Only you are responsible for your own safety.  But that is hard work and most people won’t put out the effort required to ensure their own safety.  They think the police will keep them safe.

Keep believing that lie…

The bleating will continue.

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