I’m Back, maybe.

Well in my efforts to shed my Facebook account I felt that it was time to revive the old blog.  So Here goes, and maybe I will keep it up.  No promises but I will try.

So in 2017 I got the Datsun into fighting trim and as the last post noted it did not go well, but here is what it looked like.  There are some big changes coming in the rear end of the car to make it stronger and more reliable so I can figure out how to go faster in it…

New Aero all complete

So my buddy Mike and I made Aero and drove the car till we broke it and then fixed it and broke it again and again and again…

Mike heading around the course
Mike heading up the hill

So thats what it look like today in the driveway and on course.  All the changes this year are going to be under the skin…

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