50 trips round the Sun

Well through some benign act of benevolence I seem to have made it to 50, or as the kids call it “Fiddy” this past June.

Seeing how it has been a while since I have done something truly stupid I though “hey hold my beer” and went out and purchased an electric skateboard, or as the kids call it an eBoard…  I ordered it in May knowing that there would be a lead time in shipping.  I had hoped that it would be here in time for my 50th B Day but that was not to be.

It finally arrived on Tuesday the 7th.

Can I Haz???

Of course the cat saw a new box and wanted his due…

None too patient is the kitty.

So upon opening the box expecting the cat to get in the box I find that I don’t actually get to have the first ride on my new board.

Mine Bi**h, Back off

Of course it then started pouring down rain so my first ride was a bit delayed.  I got a short ride Wednesday and then a longer ride today.

And yes apparently it is fast enough to do something stupid on, which was one of my top requirements, and this is just in expert mode.  There are two more modes, Pro and Hyper which I have not even looked at yet as I am still trying to figure out how to ride a board again after 33 years.  And yes I have fallen off of it already at low speed.  ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time) and bounced right back up with narry a scratch.  Yes it’s fun and no you can’t ride it…

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