Watching VA.

As I cast my view across the river to the south and watch the 2A going ons in Virginia, I am greatly encouraged to see Citizens in VA are not taking the latest Democrat overreach lying down like they do here in the People’s Republic of Maryland. They have always had a much more active 2A community in the VCDL than Maryland has ever been able to muster even with the Maryland Shall Issue group. As of yesterday they have 101 of their counties and localities having past Sanctuary resolutions. Of course the newly elected Totalitarian Democrats are fuming about the sleeping giant that their overreach has awakened. Suddenly we find that Sanctuaries are only good if they are sheltering illegal aliens and not Citizens rights. Funny how that works. It remains to be seen if the Democrats will back down and not file their gun bills in January. It also remains to be seen if the Citizens of VA will retract their consent to be governed.

that the I am slowly try and get into a rhythm of regular posting before trying to see how the blogging community shares things today.

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